Plaston Kids Academy

Plaston Kids Academy is a school that embraces holistic education an education that encompasses all aspects of a child’s development. Plaston Kids Academy succeeds not because it is big or long-established but because there are people in it who live it, dream it and build great future plans for it. It is here where foundations are laid for many dreams and future plans of our learners that have come true, Plaston Kids Academy will continue to strive to always be an institute of distinction.

Plaston Kids Academy

Foundation Phase

  • Mathematics
  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans First Additional Language
  • Life Skills (Beginning Knowledge, Creative Arts, Physical Education, and Personal and Social Well-being)

Intermediate Phase

  • Mathematics
  • English Home Language
  • Natural Sciences & Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Skills (Creative Arts, Physical Education, and Personal and Social Well-being)

Senior Phase

  • Technology and Management Science
  • Economic Management Sciences
  • Technology
  • Arts and Culture
  • Natural Sciences
  • Afrikaans/Siswati First Additional Languages
  • Life Orientation

Growth and development

The values we attempt to instill in our learners are unity in diversity, hard work, sincerity, faithfulness, and patriotism to always strive for brilliance. As a school we endeavor to instill a desire for a lifelong learning and appreciation for the values that ensure an ever-improving quality of life, we strive to assist pupils to become highly trainable and highly principled citizens. Our school has enthusiastic and highly competent teachers who devote their time to teaching and nurturing learners while following the quality benchmarked curriculum.

Why us? Watch now

Our academic programme is designed to prepare learners for the high academic standards expected of them, as professional educators with a genuine love for teaching we aim to give each of our pupils the opportunity to grow in self-confidence allowing them to reach their full potential. Our learners are encouraged to be well-rounded individuals and leaders that will enable our country to be a winning nation while conveying traditional Christian values and attitudes through strict discipline, formal assemblies and high expectations.”

Plaston Kids ensures that your child leaves the senior primary level well-balanced, a fully-rounded individual who is ready for the challenge of high education. Our Foundation phase lays a solid foundation for this development, our lovely facilities, and experienced teachers will ensure that your child is in an environment where they can grow in their abilities.